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Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) Delegate

Reporting to the Vice-President Research, the CIHR Delegate role acts as the CIHR presence on campus and in the community in order to promote CIHR achievements and conduct promotional activities to support the CIHR mandate.

Dr. Harkness joined the U of S’ Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology in 2001, bringing a research program centred on using yeast as a model to understand the genetic mechanisms of cancer and aging. He is applying this knowledge to further our understanding of how drug resistant cancers develop, and ultimately, how the resistant cancer cells can be abolished. Dr. Harkness has maintained funding for his research through successive grants from both CIHR and NSERC over the past 14 years. He has had further success securing support from agencies such as the Canadian Cancer Society, the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation, and the Canada Foundation for Innovation.

CIHR is the Government of Canada’s health research funding agency, supporting the work of more than 11,000 researchers and trainees in universities, teaching hospitals, and research institutes across Canada.

For more information about CIHR, visit www.cihr-irsc.gc.ca.

Troy Harkness
 CIHR Research Delegate
Phone: (306) 966-1995
 Email: troy.harkness@usask.ca

Staff Contact
Troy Harkness
CIHR Delegate
Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
College of Medicine
Phone: (306) 966-1995
Email: troy.harkness@usask.ca