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Dr. Tom Brzustowski

On February 5th, 2004, Dr. Tom Brzustowski, president of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), gave a public lecture on campus celebrating 25 years of NSERC support for discovery and innovation at the U of S.

His address, "Science and Engineering for Canada's Next Quarter Century," drew an audience of 140. (Download Dr. Brzustowski's PowerPoint presentation here).

Other speakers:
  • Introduction by Dr. Steven Franklin, U of S Vice-President Research. Download introduction: Word document.
  • Dr. Mike Ingledew, a College of Agriculture faculty member and 25-year honoree who has received a wide variety of NSERC grants over his career. Download Dr. Ingledew's presentation: Word document.
  • Dr. Julita Vassileva, a computer science professor and NSERC UFA recipient. Download Dr. Vassileva's presentation: Word document.
  • NSERC Canada Doctoral Scholarship recipient Julia Ewaschuk in Pharmacy and Nutrition. Download presentation: Word document.

Thirty-eight faculty members were given pins and certificates in recognition of their continuous NSERC grants for the past 25 years. See here for a list of the 25-year grant holders. NSERC support for the 25-year grant holders represents:

  • a total of nearly 1,000 person-years of research at the U of S training for 860 graduate students and 140 post-doc students
  • a body of U of S-authored research including more than 4,000 papers and more than 40 books.
25-Year NSERC Grant Holders
Group photo of NSERC 25-year honorees
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Highlights of U of S/NSERC Research

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The event was organized by U of S NSERC Representative Chris Soteros (966-6118), U of S Research Communications (966-2506), and the Office of Research Services. For more information about NSERC, visit www.nserc.ca.