Strategic Plans & Initiatives

Advisory Committee on Areas of Research, Scholarly and Artistic Pre-eminence at the University of Saskatchewan


To develop a report describing the research landscape of the University of Saskatchewan. This will involve identifying current and emerging areas of research, scholarly and artistic pre-eminence at the University of Saskatchewan; and establishing a process for reviewing and renewing the areas on an ongoing and systematic basis.

Guiding Principles

The process for identifying areas of research, scholarly and artistic pre-eminence and areas of emerging pre-eminence will be based upon three key principles:

  • informed by previous and current University processes and documents such as Integrated Planning, Systematic Program Review, and other College/Centre/Institute documents, etc;
  • sensitive to the diverse ways that research, scholarly and artistic activities are pursued and recognized throughout the campus community; and,
  • a collaborative approach which ensures ongoing opportunities for members of the University community to provide input on the strategy, indicators and final areas.


Office of the Vice-President Research

  • Karen Chad (Acting AVPR), Kinesiology
  • Laura Zink, Executive Assistant

Research, Scholarly and Artistic Work Committee*

  • Val Korinek, History
  • Rob Pywell, Physics & Engineering Physics

Associate/Assistant Deans Research Forum*

  • Spiro Yannacopoulos, Engineering
  • Jim Thornhill, Medicine

Member of the Planning Committee*

  • Hartley Furtan, Agriculture

Faculty members from the University community*

  • Deb Saucier, Psychology
  • Lou Hammond-Ketilson, Commerce
  • Pamela Haig-Bartley, Drama

Graduate Student Association

  • Nicole Berard, English

* Nominations and appointments from these bodies ensure that the final composition of the Committee includes representation from each of the following: Humanities & Fine Arts, Social Sciences, Health Sciences, Natural Sciences, & Applied Sciences.