Areas of Pre-Eminence Commitment

"The University of Saskatchewan will be known for its pre-eminence in specific areas of creative academic programming and scholarship."


- U of S Strategic Directions: Renewing the Dream  

Through the Areas of Pre-eminence Commitment Working Group, the University of Saskatchewan has undertaken an extensive campus-wide consultative process to identify what it is that distinguishes our collective research from that at other universities. This website provides an update on the progress toward that goal.

Please explore the commitment mandate, consultation process and signature areas information provided on the tabs to the left.

What will distinguish University of Saskatchewan research in the competitive post-secondary landscape? What will be our "signature"?

Sig•na•ture (n) - a characteristic mark that serves to to set apart or identify (Webster's Dictionary)


  • A consensus has emerged around a list of distinctive research areas that will bring the U of S high-profile recognition and position us among the most distinguished universities in Canada and among the very best in the world. The description for each signature area will be fully developed and submitted to University Council later this fall. Click here to see the complete list.

What Are Signature Areas?

Signature areas are areas of research and scholarship that bring the University of Saskatchewan distinct recognition and help to position the U of S among the most distinguished universities in Canada and among the very best in the world.

These distinctive areas are to be based on our output and achievement, enabled by our research capacity, investments, history and sense of place.

"These signature areas will lift our whole institution to another level of research and scholarly achievement." - Peter MacKinnon, Executive Sponsor