Commitment Mandate

"To identify a select and definitive set of existing areas of exceptional research and scholarship and promote these widely." - The Second Integrated Plan: Toward an Engaged University (2008/09 - 2011/12)

The Areas of Pre-eminence Commitment is one of 20 University of Saskatchewan Commitments from the Second Integrated Plan: Toward an Engaged Institution.

Commitment Working Group

Executive Sponsor: Peter MacKinnon, President

Commitment Leader: Karen Chad, Vice-President Research

Working Group:

  • Jim Basinger, Acting Associate Vice-President Research
  • Beth Horsburgh, AVP Research - Health
  • Jim Miller, Professor and CRC in Native-Newcomer Relations
  • Bill Thomlinson, Special Advisor, OVPR
  • Andrew Van Kessel, Professor, College of Agriculture and Bioresources
  • Kathryn Warden, Director, Research Communications, OVPR
  • Peggy Schmeiser, Director, Government Relations
  • Janet Wagner, Project Coordinator, OVPR