Conducting SEEQ


The following three toolkits are intended to provide a general overview of the roles and responsibilities for those involved with SEEQ and serve as a resource for department administrators, instructors and students.

Training - Self Guided

The SEEQ training manual and videos (runtime for each is less than 5 minutes) describe how to use the E-valuation system and are intended to be a resource for department administrators.

Training Manual
Download Manual
Training Videos
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4

SEEQ User Authorization Form

The authorization form provides a record of any new authorizations for online SEEQ access granted to departmental staff by the dean, department head, or director of the academic unit participating in SEEQ. SEEQ access means being permitted to create and edit evaluations, view response rates, release evaluation results to instructors, and view/print evaluation statistics.

The dean, department head, or director should email  the completed form to:

Paper-Based SEEQ

The SEEQ instrument can be completed in a paper-based format.  Please visit the ICT webpage for more information about this process.