Presenter's Guide

Congratulations on being selected as a presenter at the wâhkôhtowin conference.

To find out more about presenting at a concurrent session or presenting your poster, click one of the tabs.

Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent sessions are one hour and 20 minutes long.  Each session will have three presenters, each of whom will have 20 minutes (precisely) with  20 minutes questions period for the three presenters. 

Available to you will be a computer and data projector.  Please be sure to advise us if you have any additional A.V. requirements, and we will do our best to accomodate your needs.

Poster Presentation
The poster session will be accompanied by a reception for all those attending the wâhkôhtowin conference. Posters will be judged on the following criteria:                                                                     
  • Clarity

The poster communicates its message effectively.  It avoids large amounts of difficult-to-read text and adopts innovative and visual approaches to communicating information.  The poster may incorporate supplemental electronic media, and presenters may provide more detailed explication in a handout.

  • Design

The visual design and use of images and diagrams effectively reinforce the themes and concepts explored.

  • Potential for Engagement 

The poster demonstrates potential to inspire active learning, by fostering greater interaction between viewer and presenter.

GUIDELINES FOR PREPARING AND DISPLAYING POSTERS Congratualations to all presenters whose posters have been selected for display.  Presenters are encouraged to provide innovative and imaginative displays that promote interactive engagement among posters, presenters, and participants. 

Here are some guidelines to assist you in preparing your poster:
Dimensions: Posters must be no larger than 48 inches (122 cm) wide and 60 inches (150 cm) high.  If you wish to have a poster that remains entirely on the display surface (ie. doesn't hang below the board), please restrict the height to 48 inches (122cm) as well.  It is essential that your poster not exceed these dimensions as you and another presenter will be sharing (equally) a display panel that is 96 inches (244 cm.) wide.
Presentation Tips: Be creative! Look for different approaches to the poster presentation while staying within the spirit of the form. Use text sparingly (ie. have some white space on your poster) and consider more graphic and visual forms of communication. If you wish to provide a more detailed text, consider a handout, electronic mailing list, website, or other forms of extension.