Conference Theme

The themes invite scholars and educators to share how Indigenous ways of knowing and being are transferred and transmitted in a contemporary setting by employing methods such as:


  • Indigenous theory, theorizing and applications to disciplinary knowledges
  • Decolonizing and anti-oppressive practices, content, and curriculum for all students
  • Storytelling, Indigenous knowledge protocols and working with Elders, knowledge keepers and its significance to Treaty and Indigenous Sovereignty.
  • Examining land, language and culture with land-based knowledge
  • Bringing Indigenous knowledge into the classroom through animating indigenous content, humour, practice, and courses in post-secondary teaching
  • Ethics, Research, and Protocols and Research Ethics in Indigenizing Practice


  • Indigenous methodologies in research practices
  • Aboriginal Teacher Education Programs (ATEPs)
  • Shifting identities in classrooms by employing Indigenous content, knowledges, worldviews, and practices
  • Use of technology in an Indigenized classroom and post-secondary environment