Australia River Institute (Tim Jardine)

Tim Jardine continued his collaborative research with the Australian Rivers Institute during a research/field work visit in August 2012 to Kakadu National Park, NT, Australia. This is part of AUD$16 million project (funded by Australia’s National Environmental Research Program) aimed at improving biodiversity conservation in northern Australia.

University of Queensland (Helen Baulch)

Helen Baulch hosted visiting PhD student Chrystal Mantyka-Pringle from the University of Queensland, School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management who studied interactions between climate change and land-use change, and their interacting effects on freshwater biodiversity.

Centre of Excellence in Groundwater Research (Howard Wheater and Patricia Gober)

Water Resource Group at GIWS collaborated with Prof. Tony Jakeman, Deputy Director, Centre of Excellence in Groundwater Research, in designing, developing, and implementing models that integrate hydrology, agriculture, ecology, water resources, economics, and social behaviour. Also, Prof. Neil McIntyre is currently part of the Changing Cold Region Network (CCRN) on integration of climate and land-surface process observations and modelling in the region of the Saskatchewan and the MacKenzie River Basins.

Australia Research Council (Jeffrey McDonnell)

Jeffrey McDonnell is involved with two projects sponsored by the Australian Research Council on agricultural systems in Southern Australia near Melbourne, which has direct relevance to water and nutrients and runoff generation work conducted at Tobacco Creek, Manitoba. In addition, Chris Gabrielli, one of his PhD students, is conducting research at the Maimai catchment in New Zealand.