Water and wastewater treatment technologies

With increasing pressures on water quality due to human activities, there is a worldwide need to improve efficiency and effectiveness of water and wastewater treatment technologies, and to assess impacts of contaminants on environmental and human health. Treatment challenges include appropriate technology for rural communities, development of advanced water treatment technologies to tackle emerging contaminants in our water systems, improved technologies for the treatment of industrial wastes, including those generated by natural resource extraction, and improved technologies for remediation of pollution. Five major areas of application of particular relevance to the U of S, the Province of Saskatchewan and Western Canada is addressed by this theme, namely the needs of the oil and gas sector, the food and beverage industry, natural resources (particularly mining) industry, municipalities, and rural water supply and sanitation.

Our competency matrix shows available research expertise in the area of water and wastewater treatment technologies, which is mapped to various units at the University of Saskatchewan.

  1. Department of Chemistry
  2. Department of Mechanical Engineering
  3. Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
  4. Department of Civil and Geological Engineering
  5. Toxicology Centre
  6. School of Environment and Sustainability
  7. Saskatchewan Structural Science Centre
  8. Canadian Light Source