Student Society

The GIWS Student Outreach Committee organizes and hosts many on- and off-screen events, including this panel that addressed flood preparation and emergency management during the 2013 southern Alberta floods.

The Global Institute for Water Security is committed to offering opportunities for students to join in activities that develop their understanding of the challenges of water security, and foster in them an appreciation for the need to bring a wide range of expertise together to address these critical issues. The institute welcomes student members from the natural sciences and engineering, as well as the humanities and social sciences, and encourages them to learn from each other about the many dimensions of water security. 

Student Outreach Committee

The Student Member Committee organizes student events centred on various water themes to encourage collaboration, leadership, research and networking. These include student mixers, panel presentations, movie nights and Blue Drinks at local watering holes. The committee includes Pamela Berry (MSc), Anna Meissner (MSc), Maria Armstrong (MSc) and PhD students Anna Coles, Chris Marsh, Prabin Rokaya and Kathryn Dompierre. 

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Past events:

Ban the Bottle - November 2013

The GIWS Student Outreach Committee, along with SENSSA, the USSU and the Office of Sustainability, organized a booth that challenged participants to blind taste test between bottled and tap water. 

World Rivers Day - September 2013

Organized by the Saskatchewan EcoNet (SEN), GIWS participated in World Rivers Day festivities alongside the South Saskatchewan River in downtown Saskatoon.

Let's Walk About Water film screening - April 2013

Attracting Drs. Jay Famiglietti (University of California, Irvine) and Rick Hooper (Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc.), the students organized a very successful film event, Let's Talk About Water. Following the screening of Last Call at the Oasis was an expert panel featuring Famiglietti (who also starred in the film), Hooper, GIWS director Howard Wheater, and others.

Water Treatment Plant tour - March 2013

Student members toured the Saskatoon Wastewater Treatment Plant as part of World Water Week 2013.