Research Projects

  1. Effects of urbanization and agriculture on microbial communities in a creek from the semi-arid ecozone of the Canadian Prairies:  Swift Current Creek, SK
  2. Development of monitoring strategies and identification of hydrological and biogeochemical indicators in the Tobacco Creek
  3. Prairie Hydrological Modelling: Understand implications of hysteresis in discharge storage relationships; use multifractal methods to downscale climate model products over Prairies; surface-groundwater modelling; nutrient and contaminant flux from snowmelt over frozen soils
  4. Effects of climate change and climate-induced land-use change on hydrology, pedology, and ecology of a hummocky morainal agroecosystem
  5. Evaluation of NARCCAP RCM precipitation simulations over the Canadian Prairies
  6. Understanding of the interactions between climate, hydrology, and vegetation in the southern boreal forest
  7. Sensitivity of Hydrology and Forest Resilience to Climate Variation in the Southern Boreal Forest of Western Canada
  8. Boreal forest flux tower operations (BERMS sites)
  9. Advance development and integration of information on how hydrological and cryospheric processes interact to form streamflow: Canadian Rockies
  10. Develop and run hydrological models to produce water resource predictions for past and future climates: Canadian Rockies
  11. Exploring water resource management in partnership with the community of water users of Lake Diefenbaker
  12. Reconstructing the History of the Phototrophic Community Within Lake Diefenbaker and Analysis of Biotoxins Produced From a Recent Algal Bloom
  13. An Investigation into the Past and Present Ecological Status of Lake Diefenbaker using Paleolimnological and Whole Sediment Toxicity Techniques
  14. Water Quality Modelling of Lake Diefenbaker
  15. The Contribution of Point and Diffuse Sources of Nutrients to Lake Diefenbaker: A Sensitivity Analysis
  16. Brightwater Creek Multi-scale Measurement and Modelling Programme
  17. Peat properties and groundwater flows in relation to beaver paleoponds in mountain peatlands
  18. Assessing links between water, animals and people in the Saskatchewan River delta
  19. A collaborative approach to better understand the links between water, animals, and people in the Saskatchewan River Delta
  20. Assessing links between water, animals and people in the Saskatchewan River delta (People dimension)
  21. ‘Exotic’ Chemical Contaminants in the South Saskatchewan River Basin
  22. Stakeholder Definitions of Water Security in the South Saskatchewan River Basin
  23. Investigating links between Lake Sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) habitat and geomorphology in the Saskatchewan River system using geomorphic response units (GRU)