Aftermath of the Marmot Creek flood

Field set-up in Luxembourg

Tracing flow paths using blue dye

Chris drilling on the prairies

Lab trip to the Colorado River

Snowmelt at the Swift Current field site

HJ Andrews field site in Oregon

Lab group at the Grand Canyon

Hillslope and Watershed Hydrology

The Watershed Hydrology lab led by Professor Jeff McDonnell conducts field, lab and modeling investigations that address the following questions:

  • - Where does water go when it rains (and snow go when it melts)?
  • - How long does it reside in the watershed?
  • - What pathway does it take to the stream channel?

The PhD students in the group are active experimentalists working on similar questions in diverse watershed settings while the Post Docs in the group help to integrate findings through model development and testing. Our ultimate goal is to explore the common features of watershed response across diverse scales, climates, and hydrogeological settings to develop a new theoretical framework for streamflow generation in humid regions. Visitors to the lab are very welcome and students wishing to pursue a PhD or Post Doc within our group are encouraged to apply directly to Prof. McDonnell.

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Job Posting – Research Assistant/Lab Technician

Jan 20, 2015

Our lab group is seeking a Research Assistant/Lab Technician for our research projects that are working on the tracking of water movement through natural and man-made landforms using the stable isotopes of water....
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Cryogenic Water Extraction - Worldwide Lab Intercomparison Project

Nov 24, 2014

Many labs benefit from cryogenic water extractions for the analysis of δ2H and δ18O isotopic signatures for different purposes. Some determine plant water uptake depth, others examine soil water movements. Nevertheless, despite the operational use of cryogenic extraction, artifacts leading...
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