Current lab members

Jeff McDonnell

Dr. Jeff McDonnell

Global Institute for Water Security, University of Saskatchewan
Northern Rivers Institute, University of Aberdeen


Graduate Students

cody_millar Cody Millar
MES student
Global Institute for Water Security
Leo Leo Peskett
PhD student
University of Edinburgh  
Chris Gabrielli Chris Gabrielli
PhD student
Global Institute for Water Security
Sohel Sohel Shawkat
PhD student
University of the Sunshine Coast
Spencer_Chad Spencer Chad
MS student
College of Engineering
Magali Magali Nehemy
PhD student
School of Environment and Sustainability

Post Docs

Anna Coles Anna Coles
Global Institute for Water Security
Jaivime Jaivime Evaristo
Global Institute for Water Security 
ameli Ali Ameli
Global Institute for Water Security
& Western University
Marcel_temp Marcel Gaj
Global Institute for Water Security
& BGR, Hannover


Kim Kim Janzen
Lab manager and isotope technician
Dyan Dyan Pratt
Research engineer, MOST
Chris_temp Christopher Dogniez
Cryogenic extraction technician 

Business Development Officer


Veva McDonnell
MOST Facility

2015-2016 Academic Year Visitors


Kent Keller
Washington State University, U.S.


Zhi Li
Northwest A&F University, China

2014-2015 Academic Year Visitors


Ramón Bustamante-Ortega
Forest Hydrology Research Program Forestal Arauco             
Bioforest S.A., Chile                   


Haiyan Ma
Professor Lanzhou University, Department of Hydrology, China         

Castro Ariel Castro 
Natural Resources Masters student at Instituto Tecnologico de Sonora (ITSON), Mexico

2013-2014 Academic Year Visitors

Marijn Piet, TU Delft, Netherlands

Zhaiyk Yerikuly, Kazakh National Technical University, Kazakhstan

Michael Stockinger, IBG-3: Agrosphere Institute, Germany

Scott Jasechko University of New Mexico, USA

Kellie Vache, Oregon State University, USA


2012-2013 Academic Year Visitors

Felix Tritschler, Dresden University of Technology, Germany

Gordon Grant, USDA Forest Service and Oregon State University

Xuefeng (Michael) Chu, North Dakota State University

Nelson Fernandes, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Jay Famiglietti, UC Irvine and Center for Hydrologic Modeling

Rick Hooper, Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc (CUAHSI), USA

Josie Geris, University of Aberdeen, UK

Laurent Pfister, Centre de Recherche Public - Gabriel Lippmann, Luxembourg

Miguel Barrios, Universidad del Tolima, Colombia

Winnie Seifert, Bayreuth University, Germany

Svenja Voss, University of Freiburg, Germany

Recent lab members (2012 onwards)

Luke Pangle

Luke Pangle
Former PhD student
Now: Assistant Professor
Georgia State University         

Daryl Janzen

Daryl Janzen
Former postdoc
Now: Sessional Lecturer
University of Saskatchewan

Julian Klaus

Julian Klaus
Former postdoc
Now: Researcher
Centre de Recherche Public - 
 Gabriel Lippmann


Josie Geris
Former postdoc
Now: Lecturer
University of Aberdeen


Natalie Orlowski
Former postdoc
Now: Professor
University of Giessen          


Willemijn Appels
Former postdoc
Now: Chair in Irrigation Science
Lethbridge College 

Jay Frentress

Jay Frentress
Former PhD student

Global Institute for Water Security