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Western College of Veterinary Medicine

The College: Dean's Office

WCVM is a highly engaged regional veterinary college whose leaders are actively involved in developing national and international strategies and policies for veterinary education, animal health care, research, food safety, public safety and biosecurity.

At the same time, the dean and his associate deans play integral roles in ensuring that the WCVM continues to be a high quality animal health care centre where people can learn, teach and work in a progressive and safe environment.

To support these activities, members of the Dean's Office provide the dean and associate deans with a variety of services in finance, human resources, admissions, student services, development, research, administration and communications.

Dean's Office Directory

Dean's Office, Room 3103
Western College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Saskatchewan
Tel: 306-966-7448
Fax: 306-966-7314

Dr. Douglas Freeman, Dean
Tel: 306-966-7448
WCVM 3103.1

Denise Hunt, Assistant to the Dean
Tel: 306-966-7448
WCVM 3103

Christine Holstein, Human Resources and Administration Officer
Tel: 306-966-7454
WCVM 3102


General Office, Room 3101
Western College of Veterinary Medicine, U of S
Tel: 306-966-7447
Fax: 306-966-8747

Beverley Turgeon, Administration, General Office
Tel: 306-966-7447
WCVM 3101

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Dr. Chris Clark, Associate Dean, Academic
Tel: 306-966-7409
WCVM 4115

Paige Links, Manager, Student Services
Tel: 306-966-7326
WCVM 4116

Carolyn Cartwright, Manager, BJ Hughes Centre for Clinical Learning
Tel: 306-966-2702
WCVM 2304

Amanda Doherty, Assistant, Student Services
Tel: 306-966-7271
WCVM 4117

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Heather Mandeville, Manager, Admissions and Recruitment
Tel: 306-966-7413
WCVM 4104.3

Shauna Quintin, Assistant, Admissions
Tel: 306-966-7459

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Jennifer Molloy, Director, Development
Tel: 306-966-7450
WCVM 3112

Lindsay Quick, Development Officer
Tel: 306-966-7426
WCVM 3115

Bonnie Cain, Assistant, Alumni and Development
Tel: 306-966-7268
WCVM 3113

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Kris Reid, Audio Visual Services
Tel: 306-966-2469
WCVM 1105

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Myrna MacDonald, Communications and Media
Tel/fax: 306-225-4479
Cell: 306-291-9950

Jeanette Stewart, Communications Co-ordinator
Tel: 306-966-2560
WCVM 4114

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Jackie Bahnmann, Continuing Education
Tel: 306-966-7108
WCVM 4113


Ralph Hildebrandt, Chief Financial Officer and Director of Operations
Tel: 306-966-7451
WCVM 4101

Nadine Kozakevich, Manager, Finance and Administration
Tel: 306-966-7267
WCVM 4112

Janna Boymook, Financial Assistant
Tel: 306-966-7163
WCVM 4109

Nataliya Morgun, Financial Assistant
Tel: 306-966-6845
WCVM 4109

Brenna Stuckel, Research Accountant
Tel: 306-966-2513
WCVM 2401.1

Paula Nordick, Research Accountant
Tel: 306-966-3297
WCVM 2321

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Dr. Elisabeth Snead, Acting Associate Dean, Research
Tel: 306-966-7068
WCVM 4104.1

Elise Painchaud-Rattai, Assistant to Associate Dean, Research
Tel: 306-966-7453
WCVM 4104.2

Monique Burmester, Director, Animal Care Unit
Tel: 306-966-7344
Fax: 306-966-7599

Brad Blackmore, Manager, Goodale Research Farm
Tel: 306-373-3524
Fax: 306-373-0489

Dr. Lianne McLeod, Research Facilitator
Tel: 306-966-7161
Fax: 306-966-7274
WCVM 4104.4

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