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The Western College of Veterinary Medicine is commited to protecting the health and safety of its students, faculty, staff, clients and visitors. The following health resources are available at the College and on the U of S Campus:

Rabies Immunization Policy: This policy is designed to ensure that all faculty, students and staff of the WCVM who work with animals and animal tissues have the opportunity to be protected from exposure to rabies. Any faculty, students and staff at the WCVM and Prairie Diagnostic Services who are at risk of being exposed to rabies will be offered immunization against rabies, or they must accept liability by signing an appropriate release. For more information, please contact Liana Kinar, WCVM rabies program co-ordinator (306-966-7271).  

U of S Health Services: The U of S has a Student Health Centre where a variety of health professionals are available to answer questions about any health concern. WCVM veterinary students can also find educational information on a wide range of health subjects — from sexual health to mental health — to help them make informed decisions about their health and health care.

U of S Pandemic H1N1 Preparedness: The U of S has developed a university-wide approach to pandemic H1N1 influenza planning and response. The website will provide you with:


WCVM Fire Code: 2009-10 (PDF 114 KB)

WCVM Safety Committee Member List (PDF 78 KB)

U of S Workplace Safety and Environmental Protection (WSEP): WSEP provides leadership and quality services for the creation and maintenance of a healthy and safe environment at the university. As a campus-wide resource, WSEP provides a variety of safety programs and services including hazardous waste management and safety training courses.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) information: The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety provides access to a collection of MSDS information supplied directly by manufacturers and suppliers.

Dr. Chris Bell, large animal surgery resident