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Dr. Steve Hendrick and Dr. John Campbell, members of the WCVM Disease Investigation Unit. Photo: Michael Raine.

CAVEPM 2013 Conference

Presented by the Canadian Association of Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine (CAVEPM) and the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM).


May 27-28 2013 (Saskatoon) • Applied Epidemiology

The CAVEPM 2013 Conference is hosted by the University of Saskatchewan, Western College of Veterinary Medicine. Applied epidemiology is a term used to describe the application or practice of epidemiology to address issues of public or animal health. Examples of the activities in applied epidemiology include:

The main goal of the CAVEPM 2013 conference is to bring together professionals who use epidemiological principles so they can learn from one another by presenting, discussing, and exchanging ideas on the most recent scientific developments and methods used in their respective domain of practice.

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May 29 – 31, 2013 (Saskatoon) • Molecular Epidemiology

The availability and application of molecular tools has increased exponentially; these tools provide critical information into the understanding of infectious disease. When applied correctly, molecular approaches provide unique avenues for advancing the field of applied epidemiology.

This workshop is intended for anyone interested in increasing their knowledge base for the application, analysis and interpretation of epidemiological studies that use molecular tools. The workshop will introduce participants to the molecular epidemiology of pathogens, present guidelines for the conduct of molecular epidemiological studies and introduce various analytical techniques specific to the output of molecular tools. Course participants will acquire skills to plan, analyze, and interpret such studies successfully.

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Dr. Tasha Epp
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