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Student Computer Lab: FAQs

If the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) do not provide you with the answers you need and your require technical assistance, please contact:

Jeff Humm, Information Technology Services (ITS)

WCVM 2524
Tel: 306-966-7162

Computer Issues

Q. The computer seems frozen, and there's no response from the keyboard or mouse. What's should I do?

To terminate a hung application, hold down the CTRL, ALT, and the Del key on the numeric key pad all at the same time. Select Task Manager. A screen will then appear which allows you to close the problem application as well as the option of shutting down windows. Select the option to close the application and resume windows. If this does not work, you must reboot the computer by turning it off.

Q. Why do I need to log off?

It is crucial that you log off from email so others can not send email from your address. It is also crucial to log off from the computers so others can not print from your account.

Q. How I should log off?

Before you log off, it's a good idea to properly close all applications that you have been running. The best way to log off a lab machine is to select Shutdown and Restart from the Start menu. However, because the computer will take some time to restart and others may be waiting for the computer, you may want to choose Log Off.

NOTE: Remember to remove your diskette or CD, and please clean up your workstation before you leave.


 Q. What can I do in case of harassing behaviour, harassing email or objectionable material displayed by lab users?

Please contact one of the following:

 Q. What should I do in case of verbal or physical threats?

Call the University of Saskatchewan's Security Services at 306-966-4506.

For further information, please visit the University of Saskatchewan Campus Safety web site.


Q. The printer will not print. What should I do?

Please contact Jeff Humm, WCVM Student Computer Lab Manager, in Room 2524 (306-966-7162).

Q. How can I check how many pages I have left in my printing account?

You can access your printing account balance from your PAWS account. On the Home tab, Check out the CPAS — Printing Account" channel. The remainder of your printer pages will be reported to you in a dollar format. For example, if you have 100 pages left in your account, this will be reported as $10.00 (10 cents a page).

For more information on your printing account, please visit the Campus Print Accounting System (CPAS) website.

Q. I've run out of printer pages. Where can I buy more?

To buy more printer pages, please go to Room 3101 (WCVM Main Office). Staff will be able to update your printing account so you can start printing as soon as possible. Printing pages are sold in $5.00 increments ($5.00 for 50 pages = 10 cents per page).

Q. I can not print from a DOS program. What should I do?

Several DOS applications such as the Vet Med Teaching programs do not print properly in the windows environment in our lab. There are two suggested methods to overcome this problem.


Q. I forgot my password for email or my computer login password. What can I do?

Bring some identification to WCVM 2524 or WCVM 2520 and ask for a new password. Staff members can not provide you with your current password, but they can assign a new password to you.

Q. How can I check to see how much of my email disk quota is in use?

Go to "My Information Technology Services" and log in with your NSID username and password. Under "My IT Services," then click on "Check your quotas for file storage, homepage and other services."

Q. How do I forward my email from to another email account?

If you use an email account other than (ie. Hotmail), you must set a forwarding address. The College's email address lists will contain only addresses and faculty will only be using these lists.

To set a forwarding address, log onto the SSAM website with your NSID username and password.

Q. How do I change my email password?

Go to "My Information Technology Services" and log in with your NSID username and password. The new password must be six to eight characters long and contain at least one number.

Q. How do I change my computer login password?

The instructions for changing your computer login password are the same as for changing your email password. Go to "My Information Technology Services" and log in with your NSID username and password. The new password must be six to eight characters long and contain at least one number.

Q. How do I access my accounts on Folder and Homepage?

Log in with your NSID username and password to the USASK domain and you will be able to access Folder (V:) and Homepage (W:). You can also access these accounts from

Q. I can't access N:, V: or W:.

If you have a problem accessing your network drives, shut down the computer entirely and start again. NOTE: Restarting or logging off sometimes does not reconnect your network drives.

Q. How can I import an address book into Outlook Express?

Outlook Express



.........Other Address Book

............LDIF - LDAP Data Interchange Format


Q. How can I avoid getting spam email?