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Student Computer Lab: Rules and Copyright

The following are the rules governing the use of the WCVM Student Computer Lab (Room 2304). If you have questions about any of these regulations, please contact Jeff Humm, WCVM Student Computer Lab Manager (306-966-7162).

Use of the computer facility is monitored. Failure to comply with the above rules may result in loss of computer privileges and/or other actions.

In addition to the rules listed on this form, the WCVM Student Computer Lab is also governed by a University of Saskatchewan-wide Computer Use Policy. It is highly recommended that you read this policy.


Policy 8-60.3 states the following: The use of unlicensed software and/or unauthorized copying of software or its documentation is prohibited.

The Software and Information Industry Association, which is an organization over 1100 members strong, has focused legal actions on high profile institutions such as big business, hospitals and universities. It has operated in North America for many years with great success, seizing equipment and, in some cases, collecting six figure settlements. Even though these settlements generate large incomes for the SIIA, publicity is the most important result. Persons named in a hypothetical suit would include the student, department head, dean and the president of the university. This would provide enough publicity to hold the interest of the SIIA and should therefore hold your interest.

In addition, the Student Computer Lab is also governed by the University of Saskatchewan-wide Computer Use Policy.

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