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Tuition for all of the Western College of Veterinary Medicine's graduate programs is administered through the U of S College of Graduate and Postdoctoral  Studies. Visit this site for more information about tuition and expenses at the U of S. The site includes estimated minimum education and living expenses for single graduate students attending the university.

Financial Assistance

The Department of Veterinary Pathology does not have funds to provide personal support for graduate students in any of its programs. Personal support comes from a variety of sources, including scholarships provided on a competitive basis by the Western College of Veterinary Medicine or the University of Saskatchewan. Most of this scholarship support is restricted to veterinarians who are Canadian citizens or Landed Immigrants (permanent residents).

Candidates who are interested in pursuing postgraduate study in the Department and who are not from Canada should seek personal support from their own country.

The U of S College of Graduate Studies and Research provides a list of potential funding opportunities for prospective graduate students. The list includes:

Interprovincial Graduate Fellowships

The WCVM Interprovincial Graduate Fellowships are the result of financial support from the four western provinces. The basis for the support is the result of the overall interprovincial agreement for the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. An annual meeting is held with representatives of the provincial departments of advanced education to report on the Interprovincial Graduate Fellowship program.

The following guidelines are set out to provide a general framework of understanding for department heads, faculty and the subcommittee of the WCVM Graduate Education Committee.



The awarding of Interprovincial Graduate Fellowships and the management of the IPGF program is the responsibility of the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. The review and selection of applicants is handled through the Office of the Associate Dean (Research) by the Graduate Education Committee of the College.

Applications and renewals for IPGF support are reviewed annually by a subcommittee of the WCVM Graduate Education Committee. Beyond determining any questions regarding general eligibility, selection will be primarily based on scholarship. Academic transcripts, letters of reference and other documentation that may be provided will be used by the subcommittee to evaluate demonstrated scholarship. Performance in the veterinary degree program will be the primary basis for consideration of academic scholarship. Academic performance prior to or after the veterinary program may also be considered depending on a particular circumstance.

The basic academic standard is expected to be significantly above the academic requirements for admission to the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. As a very general guideline, successful applicants, from Canadian veterinary schools, will usually rank in the upper two-thirds (2/3) of their class academically.

The subcommittee will take into consideration the distribution of awards among the departments of the College. Where several academically qualified applicants exist, distribution may be a significant determining factor.

In exceptional circumstances, the Associate Dean (Research) may review an application and make an award determination. In this situation the above noted guidelines will be applied.

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