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This web page is dedicated to the field of applied animal behaviour, which deals with the behaviour of domestic animals or other animals kept in captivity. Our intention with this site is to bring together a diverse set of resources students and scientists may find useful and which may also be of interest to anyone wanting to learn a bit more about animal behaviour. We have provided original information as well as links to other related material already on the internet.



·  Applied Ethology Discussion ListAn e-mail forum discussing applied ethology topics.

·  Applied Ethology Discussion List ArchivesList messages since 1-Nov-93.  7-May-09

·  Behaviour LinksExplore other useful websites with information about animal behaviour.

·  Behaviour ProblemsInformation sheets on a variety of animal behaviour problems.

·  International Society for Applied Ethology ( ISAE )The ISAE Home Page. 5-May-09

·  ISAE Canada The Canadian regional home page of the ISAE.

·  Meetings and ConferencesEvents relevant to the science of applied ethology. 7-May-09

·  WCVM Animal BehaviourOur group at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine.

·  WCVM Reports and ArticlesPublications from the applied ethology group at WCVM.




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