WCVM Reports and Articles


Below are some articles written by past and present members of our applied animal behaviour research group at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM). These articles have previously appeared in reports, proceedings or publications that may not be easily accessible via the library system. Reference informaiton is provided for each article. Links to poster presentations require MS-PowerPoint to open them.


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  • Stookey, J.M., 2004. Beware of the bottle-raised male orphan! Most people have an appreciation and understanding that mature male animals (bulls, rams, stags and other livestock) are potentially dangerous, but most people fail to appreciate that the most dangerous males are those that have been reared by hand.



  • Haley, D.B, Stookey, J.M. and Bailey, D.W. 2003. More on two-step weaning, published in BEEF Magazine September, 2003, pp. 54.


  • When the cows come home, a video report by Jennifer Scott highlighting a WCVM ethology research project exploring homing instinct in domestic cattle. Aired on The Discovery Channel, summer 2003. Clip features Jennifer Crookshanks (summer student, WCVM ’06), Dr. Carol Petherick (visiting scientist based in Australia), & Dr. Joseph Stookey (WCVM).


  • Painful memories, a video report by Jennifer Scott highlighting a WCVM ethology research project investigating memories associated with painful procedures. Aired on The Discovery Channel, summer 2003. Clip features Chris Bell (summer student, WCVM ’06) & Dr. Jon Watts (WCVM).


  • Stookey, J.M. and Haley, D.B. 2002. The Latest in Alternate Weaning Strategies, presented at "Beef it up: A workshop for cow/calf producers" December 10-11, 2002 in Saskatoon, SK. (You will need MS-Word to open this link.)



  • Haley, D.B. and Stookey, J.M. 2002. Reducing Weaning Stress in Beef Cattle, a poster presented at Poster Day 2002 -- Western College of Veterinary Medicine, January, 2002. (You will need MS-PowerPoint to open this link.)


  • Haley, D.B. 2002. 2-Step Weaning, published in Canadian Cattlemen Magazine, June-July, 2002, pp. 26.





  • Stookey, J.M. & Haley, D.B. 2001. The Weaning Two-Step, published in BEEF Magazine November, 2001, pp. 30.



  • Stookey, J.M., Campbell, J., Janzen, E. McKinnon, J., Watts, J. and Haley, D.B. 2000. Effects of Castration Technique and Anesthesia on Behaviour and Weight Gain in the Feedlot: A technical report examining the effects of delaying the castration of male calves until they are older. In addition to examining delayed castration on weight gain this study examined the response of calves to different methods castration and the effects of providing an epidural anesthesia on their response to the various castration methods. .6-Jan-06







  • Flannigan, G. and Stookey, J.M. 1996. Stable Vices: A Measure of Poor Welfare?, from Horse Health Lines, Spring issue. (Horse Health Lines is published by the Equine Health Research Fund at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine.)


  • Stookey, J.M. 1996. Painful Procedures and Misconceptions, presented at Animal Care '96: Modern Agriculture organized by the Manitoba Farm Animal Council, November 28, 1996 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.