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Below is a list of websites which provide information on animal behaviour. Originally, the list was compiled for the veterinary students at WCVM as a potential starting point for finding information on the web about the treatment and prevention of behavioural problems. However, many of the sites have additional information that may be useful to anyone with an interest in animal behaviour.

Applied animal behaviour or animal welfare research groups 15-Jul-08

Other animal behaviour research groups 15-Jul-08

Animal welfare sites and centres 15-Jul-08

Journals 15-Jul-08

Professional behaviour societies, associations and certification programs 15-Jul-08

Animal legislation 15-Jul-08

Behavioural software and equipment 15-Jul-08

Various 15-Jul-08

Canadian animal welfare links

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Applied animal behaviour or animal welfare research groups

Animal Welfare Research Centre – University of Helsinki

University of Chester Anthrozoology Unit – Equine Welfare Research

Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation -- Armidale, Australia

Danish Department of Animal Health, Welfare & Nutrition -- Foulum, Denmark

FBN – Dummerstorf – Research Unit in Behavioural Physiology Germany

Ghent University Laboratory for Ethology -- Belgium

IBMC Laboratory Animal Science -- Portugal

Institut Nationale de la Recherche Agronomique -- INRA, Nouzilly, France

Animal Welfare and Ethology - Justus-Liebig-University of Geissen Germany

University of Lincoln - Animal Behaviour – behaviour problems – Lincoln, UK 15-Jul-08

Michigan State University –  East Lansing, MI, USA

Nordic Project: Group housing horses under Nordic conditions

NCR-131 Multistate Research Project in Applied Animal Behaviour & Welfare –  USA and Canadian research groups

University of Guelph Guelph, Ontario, Canada 15-Jul-08

Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary StudiesUniversity of Edinburgh

University of AlbertaEdmonton, Alberta, Canada

University of BristolLangford, UK

University of British ColumbiaVancouver, BC, Canada

University of California-DavisDavis, CA, USA

University of EdinburghScotland, UK

University of Oxford -- Oxfordshire, UK

University of Saskatchewan -- Saskatoon, SK, Canada

University of Southampton 15-Jul-08

United States Department of Agriculture Livestock Behavior -- West Lafayette, IN, USA

United States Department of Agriculture Livestock Issues -- Lubbock, TX, USA

Scottish Agricultural College -- Edinburgh, UK 15-Jul-08

Swedish University of Agriculture -- Skara, Sweden

Texas A & M University -- College Station, TX, USA



Other animal behaviour research groups

Biopsychology and Behavioral Neuroscience -- Rutgers University 15-Jul-08

Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior -- Indiana University

Konrad Lorenz Institute for Comparative Ethology -- Vienna, Austria

Macquarie University Animal Behaviour Research Group -- Sydney, Australia 15-Jul-08

Nebraska Behavioral Biology Group -- University of Nebraska



Animal welfare sites and centres

Animal Welfare Audit Program -- National Council of Chain Restaurants & Food Marketing Institute, USA

Animal Welfare Science Centre -- Australia 15-Jul-08

Animal Welfare Information Centre -- United States Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library

Animal Information Network -- University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

Center for Animal Alternatives -- Davis, CA, USA

Center for Animal Welfare -- Davis, CA, USA

Centre for Animal Welfare and EthicsUniversity of Queensland

Centre for the Study of Animal Well-being -- Washington State University, Pullman, WA, USA

Centre for Food Animal Productivity and Well-being -- Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA

Colonel K.L. Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare -- University of Guelph, Guelph, ON, Canada

Department of Food and Rural Affairs -- DEFRA, UK

Europa -- Animal Welfare -- European Commission activities regarding animal welfare

Lab Animal Welfare Training Exchange

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry -- MAF, New Zealand

Sir James Dunn Animal Welfare Centre -- University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, PE, Canada







Professional societies and associations related to animal behaviour




Animal legislation

Animal Ethics Infolink Animal Research Act & Animal Research Regulations, Australia

Animal Legal and Historical Center US and international animal-related laws and cases

European Convention for the protection of vertebrate animals used for experimental purposes 15-Jul-08

The European Commission – Scientific Committee on Animal Health & Animal Welfare

The European Commission – Protection of Animals legislation 15-Jul-08

The European Commission – List of the treaties coming under Protection of Animals

New Zealand 15-Jul-08

Philippines the animal welfare act of 1998 15-Jul-08



Behavioural software and equipment

Behavioural Phenotyping -- software for your behavioural data recording and analysis purposes

Biobserve -- software, mobile systems and equipment for behavioural data recording

Biotelemetry -- a reference source of information 15-Jul-08

Flight time recorder – by Ruddweigh in Australia

Grazing Behaviour Recorder -- automatic recording of foraging behaviour

INTERACT – Software solution by Mangold International for video-based behavioral research and live observation

JWatcher -- a tool for the quantitative analysis of behaviour

LABORAS – A system for the automatic behavior recognition of rats and mice (by Metris b.v)

Loligo SystemsWe develop special-made research and teaching equipment for animal physiology, behavior and kinematics

Minni Mitter -- physiological and behavioral monitoring for humans and animals

The Observer -- behavioural software by Noldus Information Technology (other software: EthoVision, UltraVox, MatMan, Theme)

Optibrand -- livestock identification using retinal images

Raven -- interactive sound analysis software from the Cornell University lab of ornithology

SONOTRACK – A system for the recording and analysis of Ultrasound Vocalizations (by Metris b.v)

Sound Ruler -- a free acoustic analysis, graphing and teaching tool

TrackSys, Limited -- software solutions for behavioural research




ALEIS International -- radio frequency identification for livestock production -- a great resource of information on applied animal behaviour

Animal Planet on the Discovery Channel

Animals -- computer simulations of animal behaviour

BEHAVE – Behavioral Education for Human, Animal, Vegetation, and Ecosystem Management

Canadian Council on Animal Care

Canadian Veterinary Medical Association – the CVMA and animal welfare

Centre for the Human-Animal Bond -- Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine 15-Jul-08

Companion Animal Behavior Counseling Programs  -- by the American Institute for Animal Science

Dr. Temple Grandin's Home Page

Encyclopedia of Farm Animal Behavior

Equine ethology project -- White Horse Farm

Ezee Wean Halter – Halter and strap for weaning horses

Guidelines for the recognition and assessment of animal pain -- Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Medicine, Edinburgh, UK

Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Urban Ethology -- human behaviour

Movie archives of animal behavior


Quietwean -- a two-stage, "low-stress" method for weaning cattle

Stereotypic Animal Behaviour – Fundamentals and applications to welfare (the website companion to the book)

Universities Federation for Animal Welfare -- UFAW


Canadian animal welfare links

Alberta Farm Animal Council -- AFAC

Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada

Canadian Council on Animal Care -- CCAC

Codes of Practice -- guidelines for the care and handling of various farmed animals

Farm Animal Council of Saskatchewan -- FACS

Ontario Farm Animal Council – OFAC

National Farm Animal Care Council – NFACC


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