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Student Articles

The short articles below discuss the etiology and treatment of various behaviour problems seen in domestic and captive animals. Papers were submitted by veterinary students at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Sakatchewan, as part of a class assignment. They represent a brief summary of material and information known about these topics. By posting these papers on the web, students provide their fellow classmates (and you) with an opportunity to read material they felt was interesting and useful to the public and veterinarians. Students were asked to include a brief list of references they used in researching their particular topic. Anyone seeking additional information on these topics should consult the references cited at the end of each article. As editors of this page we caution you that the information in these articles is limited by the thoroughness of the individual student who wrote the article and was not written by an expert in this field. However, we believe the articles represent a good starting point for the novice trying to better understand a particular behavioural problem.

We intend to add additional information to these topics in future and hope to include pictures and short video clips to enhance your understanding of these behavioural problems. If you are an expert in this area or have more recent information, pictures or video clips for any specific behaviour please contact us, we welcome your contributions and suggestions.

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Feline Behaviour Problems

Canine Behaviour Problems

Equine Behaviour Problems

Various Species and Behaviour Problems

Behaviour Videos

Below are video projects created by 1st year veterinary students at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, as an assignment to depict various behaviours that can be seen within the animal world.


            Stereotypic Pacing in Captive Carnivores


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