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Literature Reviews About Antler and Therapeutic Effects

Murray Woodbury DVM, MSc.

Specialized Livestock Health and Production
Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences
Western College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan  S7N 5B4

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A Review of Scientific Literature on the Health Benefits of Velvet Antler

Date:  2001

Author: Ann Cooney, Specialized Livestock Marketing Research Group, Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Comments:  Very useful and more comprehensive than some others in this list. This is the latest published lit review that I am aware of. Ann and her research team have taken the trouble to get  recent references from Korea and the Far East and interpret them for this reveiw. More than a list of references, this reveiw provides some definitions and an explanation of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has the hard copies of most of the articles.

Velvet Antler: Its Historical Medical Use, Performance Enhancing Effects and Pharmacology

Date: 1998

Author:  John Church, PhD. John is an nutritionist educated at the University of Alberta. He is currently employed by Alberta Agriculture as an animal welfare specialist.

Comments:  This is an articfle on the effects of antler sponsored by QEVA, which is an elk velvet antler broker and distribution company. The references for this review article can be found at Scientific References for Velvet Antler Research.

Velvet Antler: A Literature Review

Date: 1999 ?

Author:  Helen. J. Batchelder.   Helen is a senior editor of content and research at MotherNature.Com

Comments:  Referenced article describing the benefits of elk velvet antler. Unknown sponsor for this article.

Properties of New Zealand Deer Velvet

Date:  June 1983

Authors: Dr. R.H. Archer and Mrs. P. J. Palfreyman. This is a report that resulted from a research contract between Massey University, NZ and Wrightson NMA Limited for a literature review and report.

Comment: This is the "original" work on the effects of velvet antler. Archer and Palfreyman went to the ends of the earth to find written material on antler and its medicinal effects. The review is Part 1, Volume 1. There are actually about 7 or 8 more volumes of the actual hard copies of scientific and pseudoscientific papers from Russia, China, Korea etc. Much of the accumulation is unsubstantiated work by Western standards, but this review represents the first step in the scientific investigation of antler properties - finding out what is known already.

A Summary of Research on Velvet Antler Dietary Supplements

Date:  1999

Author:  Michael L. Laughlin. 

Comments:  Stop right here!! This is by far the most comprehensive accumulation of material on elk velvet antler and its effects since Archer and Palfreyman. The web document is a review article by Michael Laughlin, but the hard copy of the actual Summary of Research also includes everyone else's review and their references. Michael has accumulated web page material, magazine articles, and promotional pamplets to include in this work. It includes testimonials and unpublished reports of New Zealand velvet antler trials on atheletes etc. The hard copy of the Summary of Research is exactlly that - a summary of all the reveiws and their references. See if you can get a hard copy by contacting Michael through the Vitamins in America website.