You should be able to answer the following 10 questions on HD.

1. What Viruses cause HD? 


2. The viruses that cause HD are arthropod-borne and therefore infection/disease is seasonal. True or False.


3. What are the geographic distributions of HD and the HD related viruses?


4. If a deer is infected with one of the HD viruses what is the outcome?


5. What are the typical necropsy findings in a deer with HD?


6. What is the pathogenesis of HD?


7. What tissues should be fixed in formalin for histopathology?


8. You can make a definitive diagnosis of HD based on gross and microscopic findings. True or False.


9. What are the best tisseus to submit for virus isolation?


10. A diagnosis of HD can be made from a single serum sample. True or False.

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