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This page contains resource information in the form of reports,articles and links about bison, deer, and elk that web readers from scientists to producers to members of the general public might find useful. The information is given freely, although most of it is copyrighted, and printing or other means of reproduction for commercial purposes without permission of the owner is not permitted.

Industry Publication Archives

Buffalo! - Articles from back issues of the publication of the National Bison Association before the merge with the American Bison Association.

The Tracker - Articles from back issues of the alternative livestock industry news magazine. Most of these are brief notes from one-time industry specialist and veterinarian Dr. Gerald Hauer.

Smoke Signals - Articles from back issues of the publication of the Canadian Bison Association.


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Professor Jerry Haigh's Notes In the late 1980's and early 1990's, Dr. Jerry Haigh, who was at the time, a pioneer in "specialized" or "alternative" livestock medicine, wrote a series of extension pamphlets on various topics for the fledgling game farming industry. Some of the information is outdated but the basic wisdom and conventional knowledge remains the same.


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