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Canadian Bison Association Publication Archives

The Canadian Bison Association official publication is called Smoke Signals. Presented below are some articles of interest (to me at least) from various issues of Smoke Signals. This material is subject to copyright and appears here courtesy of the Canadian Bison Association.

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Quick Health and Management Points For Bison Production
Dr Roy Lewis, Smoke Signals, Volume XV, No 1 (Feb), 2004.

Point-by-point suggestions for bison health management.

Carcass and Quality Characteristics  of Bison Heifers Compared to Bison Bulls
Jennifer Aalhus et al., Smoke Signals, Volume XV, No 1 (Feb), 2004.

More meat quality research by Jennifer and the team

Smoke Signals, Summer, 2004

An edition devoted entirely to recipes and cooking!

Good News On The Hide Front
Anonymous, Smoke Signals, Fall, 2004.

About the tannery business.

Nutrient Composition for Retail Cuts Of Bison
Larissa Helbig and Dr. Jayson Galbraith, Smoke Signals, Fall, 2005.

An information article about the fatty acid composition of bison meat.

Feeding Bison Cows
Dr. Gerald Hauer, Smoke Signals, Winter, 2005.

A look at the nutritional needs of bison cows.

Aging Through Dentition
Dr. Dennis Will, Smoke Signals, Winter, 2005.

A pictorial presentaion made at the 2004 CBA National Convention.

Beef Cattle Rules of Thumb: Do They Apply To Bison?
Murray Feist, Smoke Signals, Winter, 2005.

An examination of common thoughts about nutrition practices in beef. Are they also true for bison?

The Economics Of Finishing Bison
Drs. Gerald Hauer and Jayson Galbraith, Smoke Signals, Feb, 2006.

The title says it all.

Buffalo Horn Ranch Natural Meats - Our Story
Peter Haase, Smoke Signals, June, 2006.

A producer shares his story about marketing biosn products.

Bison - A "Healthy" Red Meat?
E.W. Askiw, Smoke Signals, June, 2006.

An informative article about the health benefits enjoyed when consuming bison meat broducts.

Dr. Roy Lewis, Smoke Signals, Fall, 2006.

An informative article about this summertime disease event.

Can You See The Difference?
Wes Olson (mostly), Smoke Signals, Fall, 2006.

An article about the phenotypical (appearance) differences in plains and wood bison types and an introduction to Wes's book on this subject. How to tell the difference just by looking.

Establishing Nutrient Composition for Organ Meats of Bison (and Elk)
Larissa Helbig, Smoke Signals, Fall, 2006.

An article about the nutrient breakdown of various edible organs.

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