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Canadian Bison Association Publication Archives

The Canadian Bison Association official publication is called Smoke Signals. Presented below are some articles of interest (to me at least) from various issues of Smoke Signals. This material is subject to copyright and appears here courtesy of the Canadian Bison Association.

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Feeding Systems
Vern Anderson and Murray Feist, Smoke Signals, Fall, 2009.

An excerpt from the 2009 Bison Handbook about feeding bison.

Grass Finishing Bison
Jill Steenbergen, Smoke Signals, Fall, 2009.

A good article about the fundamentals of grass finishing as opposed to concentrate finishing.

Mineral Or Vitamin Deficiencies and Supplementation in Bison
Dr. Roy Lewis, Smoke Signals, Feb, 2010.

A brief look at mineral imbalance in bison and what to do about it.

Smoke Signals, Fall, 2010.

Coping With Poor Quality Forages
Murray Feist, Smoke Signals, Fall, 2010.

The effects of weather can produce poor quality forage. How to allow for this and still grow bison?

The New Scoop on Poop In Bison
Dr. Roy Lewis,  Smoke Signals, Fall, 2010.

News about the application of pour on anthelmintics in bison and other issues about treating parasites.

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