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Western College of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Jaswant Singh conducts an ultrasound examination on a cow at the WCVM Goodale Research Farm.


WCVM Research: Contact Information

Research Office, Room 4104
Western College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Saskatchewan
52 Campus Drive, Saskatoon, SK   S7N 5B4   Canada

Dr. Elisabeth (Liz) Snead, Associate Dean, Research (Acting)
Tel: 306-966-7068

Elise Painchaud-Rattai, Assistant to the Associate Dean, Research
Tel: 306-966-7453

Dr. Lianne McLeod, Research Facilitator
Tel: 306-966-7161

Research Resource Directory

WCVM Research: Overview

The College's research activities cover a wide range of areas. Researchers in WCVM's Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences are exploring issues in the areas of epidemiology, food safety, animal ethology and welfare, theriogenology (cattle and horses), work in specialized livestock, and various projects in surgery and medicine. In the Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences, research areas include ophthalmology, hard and soft tissue surgery, anesthesia and many aspects of comparative medicine.

Interests range from reproduction, toxicology, gut biochemistry and heparin investigations to pain, neurophysiology, immunology, clinical pharmacology and the equine athlete in the Department of Veterinary Biomedical Sciences. Researchers in the Department of Veterinary Pathology are conducting research in areas including oncology, endocrinology, vaccinology, toxicology, and infectious diseases - particularly of wildlife. In the Department of Veterinary Microbiology, faculty are involved in research related to infectious diseases and vaccinology, diagnostics, immunology, epidemiology, virology and parasitology.

While many faculty members have strong, individual research programs, the College also has several focus areas such as toxicology, reproduction, immunology, infectious diseases, food safety and public health. As well, veterinary oncology and ophthalmology are emerging research areas at the WCVM. Investigations involving food animals continue to be pertinent at the College, but at the same time, a growing number of WCVM researchers are becoming more involved in wildlife-related research. Other important focuses are work with horses, companion animals and comparative medicine.

Linked to these research interests, WCVM's graduate training encompasses internship and residency programs as well as Master of Veterinary Science (MVetSc), Master of Science (MSc) and PhD programs.