University of Saskatchewan

Western College of Veterinary Medicine


Equine Health Care and Management

Horse health care has been one of the WCVM's research strengths since the mid-1970s when the College created the Equine Health Research Fund (EHRF) and its research fellowship program. Over the years, WCVM-based researchers have conducted fundamental research in areas such as infectious diseases, nutrition, reproduction, orthopedic surgery, behaviour, locomotion, wound healing, immune responses and vaccine development.

Recent studies focus on the use of novel nanomedicines to treat equine endotoxemia, a better understanding of foals' immune response and susceptibility to Rhodococcus equi pneumonia, genetic ocular disorders, equine dentistry pathology, advances in minimally-invasive surgery, assisted reproduction and the management of uterine inflammation in broodmares, antimicrobial resistance, analysis of new analgesic drugs, prevention and treatment of equine influenza, and determining the true cause and transmission of equine sarcoids.

Besides generous support from the EHRF, WCVM scientists who conduct equine research have received funding from provincial research agencies like the Alberta Agricultural Research Institute, private donors such as the Heather Ryan and L. David Dubé Foundation, and from national charities like the Equine Foundation of Canada.

Equine health research: Dr. Luca Panizzi