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Research Facilities


A combination of new, old and renovated space, the Animal Care Unit is 1,875 square metres with 36 animal rooms. Eight of these rooms are part of a new Level 2 disease containment area with rooms designed to hold a range of species from laboratory animals to horses and cattle. The Level 2 area is is also equipped with shower in/out facilities, a lab and necropsy area. The Animal Care Unit's conventional animal area has rooms for animal experimentation, an aquatic toxicology area and kenneling with outside runs.

For more information, please contact:

Monique Burmester, Director

Tel: 306-966-7344



The College's 840-hectare research farm, along with its pastures, crop land and hay fields, supports more than 230 head of beef cattle and specialized livestock year round. As well, researchers regularly bring groups of heifers and horses on to the farm for specific projects. Most of the farm's livestock participate in animal health studies that are conducted by basic science and clinical researchers at the WCVM. Examples of research activities include studies on basic reproduction patterns in bison, reproduction projects in cattle and horses, investigations of management techniques for cattle, and equine vaccination studies.

For more information, please contact:

Brad Blackmore, Manager
Tel (office): 306-373-3524
Tel (barn): 306-955-1353



The College's new, two-storey research wing provides WCVM's research community with 1,468 square metres of new research space that meets Level 2 containment specifications. The research wing's focal points are two open-plan laboratory areas that are designed for multiple users and a variety of functions. Alongside the laboratory areas are six cell culture-manipulation rooms - equipped with incubators and biosafety hoods. Other resources include two equipment rooms for larger pieces of technology, a computer workroom, a storage space for liquid nitrogen and a cold room. The research wing also provides office space for 12 faculty members or visiting researchers, as well as carrel space for 23 graduate students. One of the research wing's most attractive features is a glass-fronted gathering space that connects the new facility to the College's front entrance.

For more information, please contact:

WCVM Molecular Microbiology Laboratory
First-floor laboratory, WCVM Research Wing

Dr. Janet Hill, Professor and Head
Department of Veterinary Microbiology
Tel: 306-966-7242

Dr. Vikram Misra, Professor
Department of Veterinary Microbiology
Tel: 306-966-7218

Noreen Rapin, Lab Technician
Department of Veterinary Microbiology
Tel: 306-966-7228

Westgen Research Suite
Second-floor laboratory, WCVM Research Wing

Dr. Carl Lessard, Gamete and Embryo Biologist
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Tel: 306-956-7221



The WCVM's Veterinary Medicine Microscopy Unit (VMMU), which is located on the Research Wing's second floor, houses a variety of microscopes that allow users from across campus to engage in advanced imaging techniques.

The unit's technologies enable users to visualize a clearer picture of sub-cellular structures, function and cellular or organism architecture with high optical resolution. The specialized equipment also provides users with the ability to reconstruct three-dimensional images using various application software. 

The VMMU features several types of optical equipment including: 

We have capabilities for live cell imaging equipped with a fully integrated humidified incubation chamber and a heated stage. Additionally, the Zeiss 710 LSM two-photon microscope enables users to image deep into thick tissues with low phototoxicity.