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Research Trust Fund

Established in 1996, the WCVM Research Trust Fund assists the veterinary college to meet its mandate in post-graduate training and research. The fund supports research activities in areas where established funding isn't available, and it also assists in providing long-term research funding stability at the WCVM- complementing other sources of research funds available through the College. 

The WCVM Research Trust Fund provides funding for a variety of activities:

For more information about the Research Trust Fund, please contact:

Dr. Baljit Singh, Associate Dean, Research
Tel: 306-966-7068 • Fax: 306-966-8747

For more information about supporting WCVM's research funds, please contact:

Jennifer Molloy, Director, Development
Tel: 306-966-7450 • Fax: 306-966-8747

Bovine health research: Red Angus calf