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WCVM Research Report

The WCVM Research Report provides a snapshot of the College's research programs and activities, plus it highlights the achievements of WCVM researchers over the past year. Inside each copy, you'll find:

Click on the following links to download PDF copies of the WCVM Research Report:

 Horse Health Lines

Horse Health Lines was the news publication for the WCVM's Equine Health Research Fund (EHRF). Read the latest equine health research news by visiting the Equine Health Reearch Fund web site and sign up for the Horse Health Lines e-newsletter.

Vet Topics

Published once a year, Vet Topics is the news publication for the WCVM's Companion Animal Health Fund (CAHF). Each issue of Vet Topics includes:

Visit the Companion Animal Health Fund's web site or you can go to the Vet Topics page to download current and archived copies of the news publication.

WCVM Today

WCVM Today is the College's news blog that provides brief updates on WCVM-related news — including research events and achievements. Visit WCVM Today to read the latest news about the WCVM's research teams. 

Conference and Workshop Proceedings
On occasion, the Western College of Veterinary Medicine provides access to the proceedings of conference and workshop proceedings related to veterinary medicine and public health.
Dr. Tasha Epp, zoonotic diseases