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During the past decade, the Western College of Veterinary Medicine's annual research funding from public and private sources has risen from about $4 million to more than $10 million - an increase of more than 140 per cent.

What's behind the growth spurt? New faculty with strong research interests, enhanced interprovincial funding for hiring new faculty and new, collaborative research positions based at the WCVM are some of the reasons that explain the healthy increase in research funding at the College.

What's also exciting is that financial support from private sources - individual western Canadians, industry organizations and non-profit groups - continues to grow for the WCVM's research program. The WCVM is extremely grateful for this support. In many cases, private funding allows new faculty and graduate students to conduct pilot projects, to explore potential research collaborations, or to apply for matching funding through public research agencies. Another benefit is that feedback from our private donors ensures that the College continues to conduct innovative, significant research that is relevant to the region and its communities.

If you would like to find out more about the WCVM research program and how you can support its activities, please visit Support WCVM

Dr. Gregg Adams, reproductive research