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The Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) administers and operates the Integrated Undergraduate Summer Research and Leadership program — a highly successful summer research experience initiative for undergraduate veterinary and biomedical students.

Q. What does the program offer to undergraduate students?

WCVM initially developed the summer research program because of Western Canada's need for attracting more veterinarians to jobs in research, diagnostic laboratories, regulatory work or academia.

Few veterinary students arrive at the WCVM with aspirations of working in these areas. But if the College can provide students with positive experiences early in their education, program organizers believe that students will be more likely to consider graduate programs and alternative careers in the future.

Q. What can undergraduate students expect from the program?

The program is designed to provide encouraging and positive research experiences to undergraduate students who are enrolled in veterinary medicine as well as in pre-health sciences courses at the University of Saskatchewan.

Research mentors — members of WCVM's faculty — must demonstrate that their students will have a positive experience with direct involvement in planning and developing a research study, conducting experiments, collecting and summarizing results, and writing and editing a research report. 

Besides gaining valuable research experience, summer research students have access to leadership and communication skills workshops. The research program also gives students the opportunity to meet with veterinarians working in industry and government. Another addition is an annual research poster day that encourages undergraduate student to showcase their research work. 

The WCVM's Integrated Undergraduate Summer Research and Leadership Program consists of the following components:

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Baljit Singh
, Associate Dean, Research,
   and Director, Merial Veterinary Scholar Program
WCVM 4104.1, Research Office, WCVM
Tel: 306-966-7068 • Fax: 306-966-8747

Anne-Marie De Leenheer, Class of 2012