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Interprovincial Undergraduate Student Summer Research Program

The WCVM's longest-running undergraduate research program is financially supported by the four Western Canadian provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The program provides WCVM veterinary students with valuable research experiences and introduces them to the world of veterinary and biomedical research. Ultimately, the goal is to encourage more western Canadian students to pursue advanced training in veterinary medicine or biomedical sciences.

Q. Are students involved in developing the summer research projects?

Once a research supervisor-mentor is identified, the student will work with the mentor to design and formulate a summer research project. After the research work has been completed, students must submit a project report that provides specific details about the student's work and findings.

Q. What is the application deadline?

The WCVM Research Office will accept applications for the Interprovincial Undergraduate Student Summer Research program in January of each year. Final decisions will be announced by the first week in February. 

Q. Where can I find an application? Are there any specific instructions for applying to the program?

Please complete the application form and append the following materials:

Please submit the completed application and materials to the appropriate department head by January 15.

Q. Are undergraduate students paid for their work?

Undergraduate students who are involved in the program receive a stipend of $1,900 per month for the summer months.

Q. What faculty members are willing to work as mentors for undergraduate summer research students? 

Q. What are the terms of reference for the Interprovincial Undergraduate Student Research Awards?

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Elisabeth Snead, Associate Dean, Research (Acting)
WCVM 4104.1, Research Office, WCVM
Tel: 306-966-7068 • Fax: 306-966-8747

Anna Sangster, veterinary student, Class of 2010