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Merial Veterinary Scholars Program

Since 2005, the WCVM has offered the Merial Veterinary Scholars program — an exciting mentorship initiative for undergraduate students who have demonstrated excellence in their studies and an interest in gaining exposure to biomedical research.

Each year, the mentorship program annually provides 150 first- and second-year veterinary students with hands-on experience in biomedical science. Every August, students attend the Merial Symposium that's annually hosted by selected veterinary institutions across North America.

Q. How does the Merial Veterinary Scholars program work?

The program pairs selected students with highly accomplished WCVM researchers. In addition to a focused research project, the selected students take part in enrichment activities such as workshops on data analysis, data presentation and preparation of manuscripts.

Merial Scholars are also taken on tours of research facilities located at University of Saskatchewan as well as a trip to at least one facility at another university. The undergraduate students are also invited to participate in laboratory-specific journal clubs plus college-wide seminar series.

Dr. Elisabeth Snead, program director, meets with the students every month to track their progress. Please click on the following link for a more detailed description of the Merial Veterinary Scholars program.

Q. How can undergraduate veterinary students apply for the program? Please contact the WCVM Research Office for more information (; 306-966-7453). 

Q. What are the program's key dates/deadlines that I need to be aware of?

Q. Are there specific requirements for the program's scholars and mentors? 

dean_jefferyQ. What can the WCVM offer to Merial Veterinary Scholars?

The College has an excellent research infrastructure that includes newly-expanded laboratory space and state-of-the-art research equipment. The WCVM has more than 150 graduate students who are available to interact with the undergraduate students and to answer their questions about graduate programs and potential careers in research. 

Q. Are Merial Veterinary Scholars paid for their work?

Merial Veterinary Scholars receive a stipend of $2,225 per month for a total of $8,900 over four months. One or more students from other veterinary colleges may also apply to participate in the program at the WCVM: travel expenses for those students will be paid for by the College.

Q. What have former Merial Veterinary Scholars gone on to accomplish in their careers? 

Q. Where can I find more information about the Merial Veterinary Scholars program?

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Elisabeth (Liz) Snead, Merial Veterinary Scholars Program
WCVM 2574, Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences

Tel: 306-966-7091 • Fax: 306-966-7174