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2013 Writing Workshop

The WCVM Research Office organized a Writing Tools Workshop on Thursday, June 13, for all of the 2013 summer research students.

Why a writing workshop? Our goal is to equip students with some basic writing tools that they will need to produce a short news article draft about their research project. Their articles, which are to be written for a lay audience, are due on Friday, July 19, 2013.

Once the students' article drafts are edited and approved, their stories will be posted to WCVM Today. This is a new requirement in the WCVM’s summer research program that will provide students with some additional communications experience for their future careers in veterinary medicine.


The half-day workshop included the following presentations:

Writing Assignment
Additional Resources

Here are links to some of the resources that were discussed during the workshop presentations:

Twitter accounts:

Facebook pages:

Questions about the writing assignment?

Please contact:

Myrna MacDonald, Communications, WCVM
tel: 1-306-225-4479 • cell: 306-291-9950