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WCVM Student Handbook

The WCVM Student Experience

Student Government

The student body is organized through the Western Canadian Veterinary Students' Association (WCVSA). The objectives of the WCVSA are to:

The WCVSA promotes the interests and welfare of veterinary students with regard to educational, social and athletic life. The WCVSA oversees all the student-related matters and is governed by an Executive Council elected by the student body. The Executive is elected in the spring and meets periodically at the request of the President.

As well, general meetings are held once every quarter where the student body is encouraged to attend and actively participate. We encourage you to become an active member of your association.

WCVM Rabies Immunization Policy


The WCVM Rabies Immunization Policy is designed to ensure that all WCVM faculty, students and staff who work with animals and animal tissues are protected from infection with the rabies virus.


Rabies vaccination is required for all undergraduate veterinary students who are enrolled in the DVM program. First-year students admitted to the program will be considered a student as of the first day of classes.

Cost of the Program

The University of Saskatchewan's Rabies Immunization Program is a subsidized program for which the university, college and student all share the cost. The price may be subject to change. This amount will be collected from you at the immunization clinic. Cash or cheques payable to the University of Saskatchewan are accepted.

As a full-time student at the U of S, you are covered under an extended health care insurance program. It may be possible to recover part of your immunization cost.
For more information, please contact Shauna Quintin (306-966-7459 or, rabies co-ordinator for DVM students.

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