University of Saskatchewan

Western College of Veterinary Medicine

Representatives of the WCVM Class of 2012: Justin Rosing, Manitoba; Bronwyn Ragetli, B.C.; Christopher Nugent, Saskatchewan; and Alison Ferguson, Alberta.

Information for Current Undergraduate Students

Student and Academic Services: Contact Information

Welcome to the WCVM Student and Academic Services Office

This office endeavours to provide a professional, academic program that incorporates an exceptional student experience. The title of our office reflects the organization's mandate to provide service and contributions to the development and education of WCVM students.

Our office is introduced to you long before your arrival. We provide a multitude of services — both academic and supportive — that journey with you throughout your four years in the College's DVM program. We manage academic timetables, final examination schedules and elective opportunities. We co-ordinate college awards, the fourth year clinical rotations and external externships, and we are committed to seeing you through to convocation.

We would like to make you aware of some of the services with which we can assist you. If you have a question, or you're not sure of where to go or who to see, start with our office first.