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Western College of Veterinary Medicine

Medical imaging specialist Dr. Tawni Silver and veterinary student Steve Kruzeniski discuss a case. Photo: Debra Marshall.

WCVM Undergraduate Mentorship Program

Dealling with the day-to-day pressures of practising veterinary medicine can be extremely challenging for veterinary graduates.

To help WCVM students prepare for their careers and gain effective coping skills, the WCVM has developed a mentorship program that encourages students and faculty members to work together and become more engaged in mentorship.

This volunteer program is operating in conjunction with the veterinary college's assigned student-faculty advisor system.

As a first step in developing its mentorship program, the WCVM has followed the lead of the Western Canadian Association of Bovine Practitioners (WCABP) in hosting mentorship training workshops and presentations for faculty, students and provincial veterinary representatives. The program has been a collaborative effort between the WCABP, Bernard Vincent Consulting and Merck Animal Health (formerly Intervet-Schering Plough Animal Health) that has provided generous financial support for the initiative.

These workshops, which have been specifically developed for veterinarians and veterinary students, have been led by Bernard Vincent, a mentorship consultant who teaches professionals how to develop and get the most from their mentoring relationships through the Mentorship at Work program. 

Mentorship for WCVM veterinary students

Good mentorship follows a process that:

A good mentorship program will guide participants along this process and provide them with the greatest opportunity to succeed and get the most out of their mentorship relationships.

The benefits of mentorship are well known. From a business perspective there is ample evidence that increased talent retention, higher morale, faster adoption of new knowledge and better teamwork are typical outcomes from mentorship. On a personal side, we all have examples of situations where someone helped us learn something or helped us make a difficult decision in a way that had an impact in the moment and in our lives.

A list of WCVM mentors for undergraduate veterinary students

The following is a list of WCVM faculty members who have completed a mentorship training workshop and are willing to serve as mentors for undergraduate veterinary students at the WCVM. Please click on the links for more details about each mentor's background, interest areas and contact information.