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Year 4 Rotations

During their fourth and final year, WCVM veterinary students complete a series of two- or four-week practical rotations in a range of disciplines and interest areas. The rotations provide students with an opportunity to develop, integrate and apply veterinary medical knowledge and skills in a clinical setting under faculty supervision.

While most of these rotations take place in the WCVM Veterinary Teaching Hospital, some students also gain clinical and applied experience at locations outside of the WCVM.

2017-18 Year 4 Rotations

2016-17 Year 4 Rotations

Q. How do I request a clinical rotation change?

For further information, WCVM students can contact:

Dr. Chris Clark, Associate Dean, Academic, WCVM
WCVM 4115

Tel: 306-966-7409
 • Fax: 306-966-7174

Medical oncology, fourth-year rotation