University of Saskatchewan

Western College of Veterinary Medicine

WCVM Undergraduate Program

Academic Requirements

High school requirements: There are no specific high school requirements for the DVM program. However, there may be specific high school prerequisites for the pre-veterinary course requirements at some universities.

Students planning to take pre-veterinary courses should contact the registrar of the institution where they plan to attend for further information about high school prerequisites for pre-veterinary courses.

University requirements: The pre-veterinary course requirements are usually met in a College of Arts and Sciences or a College of Agriculture. The pre-veterinary coursework may be taken at any accredited college or university, but most applicants attend the major universities in their respective provinces. Non-residents of Saskatchewan will not improve their chances of admission by attending the University of Saskatchewan for pre-veterinary coursework.

The pre-veterinary course requirements consist of 60 credits of required and elective courses. One credit represents one lecture hour equivalent per week for one term (or approximately one semester hour of credit):

There are no "preferred" electives: the choice of electives should be based upon the requirements of the program in which the student is enrolled or the student's general interests. Students are encouraged to select electives that will liberalize or broaden their perspective.

Pre-veterinary requirements: At least two full years of university courses are required to complete the requirements. Most applicants have more than two years of university. However, neither the number of years of pre-professional study nor the degree(s) held are factors in selecting students.

Courses taken as part of vocational programs — such as animal health technician programs — are not usually accepted to meet the College's pre-veterinary course requirements. However, a few courses in some programs may be used if the applicant has completed the vocational program. Each case is considered on its individual merit.

Minimum Requirements for Admission

WCVM faculty members have approved a policy that requires all applicants to have a minimum, cumulative average of 75 per cent to be considered for admission into the veterinary program. All grades are converted to a common scale for comparative purposes and this converted average will be used.