University of Saskatchewan

Western College of Veterinary Medicine

WCVM Undergraduate Program

Admissions Process

Each year, the Western College of Veterinary Medicine admits up to 78 students to its first year class. Since there are usually about 300 applications every year, completion of the pre-veterinary requirements does not guarantee admission to the College.

Selection Criteria

Selection is based upon assessment of a number of factors including: 

Degrees or diplomas held are not factors in the selection process.

Transcripts and Academic Performance

Mental aptitude and academic performance are evaluated mainly by past performance as evaluated by transcripts of the applicant's academic records, and to a lesser extent, by referees and an interview.

All university work undertaken is considered when evaluating academic performance. The courseload of the applicant is a consideration. Applicants who have not taken a full courseload (i.e. 30 credits for an academic session) could be at a disadvantage when evaluating academic performance.

A common misconception regarding academic performance is that only applicants with "straight A's" have a chance to be admitted to the WCVM. This is untrue even for those provinces for which competition is most keen. This is best illustrated by the fact that in the recent past, the average percentage for those admitted ranged from 78 to 86 per cent. The average will vary from province to province because of the differences among the provincial applicant pools.


Applicants to be interviewed are selected primarily on the basis of academic performance. Extensive animal and veterinary-related experience can not be a substitute for academic performance. The structured interview is designed to assess the applicant's ability to cope with the veterinary program and to evaluate non-academic qualities. Referees' evaluations and overall documentation are also used to assess these non-academic qualities. Applicants attending out-of-province interviews will be charged a $150 fee.