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Western College of Veterinary Medicine

WCVM veterinary student Michelle Tuma of Northwest Territories. Photo: Debra Marshall.

The WCVM Student Experience: Videos

What does it take to become a veterinary student at the WCVM? If you are accepted, what happens during the four-year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program? And what kinds of opportunities are available once you graduate from the veterinary college?

These questions and more are answered in a new, 12-minute video called WCVM: The Student Experience that was produced in 2011 by the WCVM and Bamboo Shoots, a Saskatoon-based media firm.

The presentation includes interviews with eight men and women who are either current students or alumni of the western Canadian veterinary college. Each person gives some candid insights about their varied backgrounds and interests, what they did to prepare for applying to the WCVM and what’s expected of veterinary students once they make it through the doors of the college.

The WCVM has also produced eight additional videos (about four to five minutes in length) that feature more in-depth comments from the eight WCVM students and alumni who were interviewed for the main video . The nine videos are all posted on YouTube or are available below.

Dr. Trevor Hook, Alberta

Dr. Trevor Hook (WCVM '10) talks about the value of gaining agricultural and animal experience, WCVM's revised curriculum, the value of externships, the upgraded WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre, the quality of WCVM faculty members and the different opportunities in specialized areas.

Shannon Gruen, British Columbia

WCVM veterinary student Shannon Gruen (WCVM '13) talks about the value of volunteering, the WCVM's systems-based approach in the curriculum, the "Biomedical Rounds" course, the value of familiarizing yourself with veterinary regulations in other provinces, the bonding of classes, VetMed Camp, the WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre and the importance of volunteering.

Steve Kruzeniski, Saskatchewan

WCVM student Steve Kruzeniski (WCVM '12) talks about his interest in veterinary medicine, his interest in travelling and the importance of a well-rounded background. He also talks about Veterinarians Without Borders/Vétérinaires sans Frontieres and volunteering in other countries, the value of the WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre, the value of volunteering with spay-neuter programs in northern Saskatchewan communities, Global Vets and the quality of DVM program.

Michelle Tuma, Northwest Territories

WCVM veterinary student Michelle Tuma (WCVM '14) talks about her animal handling experiences in the Northwest Territories, WCVM's first-year animal handling labs, the multiple opportunities stemming from a veterinary degree, managing stress and balancing academic life, the value of communications and the value of the WCVM's Veterinary Medical Centre.

Dr. Tawni Silver, British Columbia

Dr. Tawni Silver (WCVM '95) talks about her first career as an equine veterinarian, her early interest in medical imaging as a veterinary student, the WCVM's importance in Western Canada and the ability to refresh your career in veterinary medicine.

Dr. Candace Grier-Lowe, Manitoba

WCVM graduate Dr. Candace Grier-Lowe (WCVM '05) talks about her early interests, her experiences in the college's DVM program and what it takes to succeed. She also talks about how a high school guidance counsellor's advice almost deterred her from pursuing a career in veterinary medicine — something she doesn't want to see happen to other young people who have similar backgrounds to her.

Dean Jeffery, British Columbia

WCVM student Dean Jeffery (WCVM '13) talks about his varied background, his volunteering experiences, his first post mortem examination, the WCVM's revised curriculum, its extra-curricular clubs and how prospective applicants can differentiate themselves.

Dr. Cairo Parker, British Columbia

Dr. Cairo Parker (WCVM '10) talks about the amount of work involved in the WCVM's DVM program, the number of clubs, the annual SCVMA Symposium, Vetavision (WCVM's public open house), the value of the WCVM's Veterinary Medical centre, the camaraderie among classmates and faculty support.