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Adams, Gregg

Veterinary Biomedical Sciences
Office Location: WCVM 2254
Phone: 306-966-7411
Fax: 306-966-7405

Academic Credentials

Teaching and Clinical Areas

Dr. Adams teaches veterinary anatomy in the veterinary curriculum and participates in team-taught graduate courses on:

He is a team member of the course Biomedical Rounds that was awarded the Provost's Prize for Innovative Practice of Teaching and Learning, University of Saskatchewan (2008). Dr. Adams also consults on Theriogenology cases admitted to the WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre.

Other Appointments

Research Interests

Dr. Adams has broad interests in basic and applied aspects of reproductive science and medicine, and he is recognized internationally for his work on ovarian function.

He has published classic studies of ovarian follicle development, ovulation and fertility in several species including cattle, llamas and alpacas, deer, bison, and humans. Studies on ovarian function in women by Dr. Adams and co-workers at the University of Saskatchewan were cited as one of the top 100 scientific discoveries of the year by Discover Magazine. He has worked with a variety of wild terrestrial and marine mammals and his research team recently celebrated the birth of the world’s first bison calves through the use of IVF and embryo freezing.


Technical applications resulting from his work include:

Dr. Adams' current research focuses on 1) ovulation-inducing factor in seminal plasma, 2) the establishment of a germplasm biobank for Canada’s threatened Wood Bison, 3) novel aromatase inhibitor-based method of ovarian synchronization in animals, and 4) embryonic diapause in pinnipeds.


His discoveries on "The nerve of ovulation-inducing factor" and “World's first in-vitro bison calves born at University of Saskatchewan” have been publicized widely in the popular press.

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