University of Saskatchewan

Western College of Veterinary Medicine

Barber, Spencer

Professor, Large Animal Surgery
Large Animal Clinical Sciences
Office Location: WCVM 2594
Phone: 306-966-7063
Fax: 306-966-7159

Academic Credentials

Teaching and Clinical Areas

While Dr. Barber is interested in all aspects of equine surgery, he has a particular interest in orthopedic and wound management topics.

Research Interests

Dr. Barber has spoken, published and done research on various aspects of orthopedic and soft tissue surgery, besides numerous clinical investigations.

His orthopedic research has included the following: cosmetic exostosis removal, pseudoarthrodesis of the temporomandibular joint and arthrodesis of the tarsus, articular cartilage healing, repair and function of the synovial membrane following arthroscopic removal, and arthrodesis of the carpometacarpal joint.

Dr. Barber's research in soft tissue includes studies on wound management and repair, and healing over-exposed corticol bone. He has also investigated the prevention and control of exuberant granulation tissue, as well as the role of cytokines in wound healing and their role in the formation of exuberant granulation tissue.