University of Saskatchewan

Western College of Veterinary Medicine

Dowling, Trisha

Professor, Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology
Veterinary Biomedical Sciences
Office Location: WCVM 2315
Phone: 306-966-7359
Fax: 306-966-7376

Academic Credentials

Research Interests

Pharmacokinetics of veterinary drugs.


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Butt TD., Bailey JV, Dowling PM, Fretz PB. 2001. "Comparison of two techniques for regional antibiotic delivery to the distal equine limb: intraosseous perfusion versus intravenous perfusion." Canadian Veterinary Journal. 42:617-22.

Asea PA, Patterson JR, Korsrud GO, Dowling PM, Boison JO. 2001. "Determination of flunixin residues in bovine muscle tissue by LC-UV." Journal of AOAC International. 84:659-665.