University of Saskatchewan

Western College of Veterinary Medicine

Gesy, Karen

Graduate Student
Veterinary Microbiology
Office Location: WCVM 2685
Phone: 306-966-7213
Fax: 306-966-7244


Research Interests

Echinococcus multilocalaris is a zoonotic tapeworm with its natural lifecylce involving rodents and carnivores.  In humans, ingestion of the eggs can cause alveolar hydatid disease, which is most invariably fatal if left untreated.  Echinococcus multilocularis is considered to be one of the most severe human parasitoses.  In the last few decades many European nations have seen an increase in the rate of infections in both humans and wildlife, and its geographic range is expanding worldwide.

In Canada, very little genetic characterization has been done on E. multilocalaris.  My research will focus on characterization of the geographic distribution and genetic diversity of Echinococcus multilocalaris in Canada.  The results of this study will revise understanding of the complex history and ecology of E. multilocalaris, and lay the foundation for understanding the effects of future landscapre and climate change on this parasite and of public health and wildlife management significance.